About Us

KTD GROUP is an international company, which started its history in Ukraine in 1996. Over 20 years the KTD Group has managed to increased its range of products and open offices in more than 15 countries in around the world. The Company is one of the biggest suppliers of the household appliances under different trade marks to the European market. For more than 20 years the household appliances of Saturn TM have had stable demand of thousands of customers in more than 50 countries.

The main shareholder, Alexander Gromyko, after the transfer of Saturn production from China to Kaniv (production of washing machines and small household appliances), and to Cherkasy (production of refrigerators, ovens and heaters) faced a problem of having higher engineering personnel, necessity of using expensive consulting services from Western and Chinese engineering companies.

Just at this time, in 2015, Alexander Gromyko met with Georgy Arveladze (former Minister of Economics of Georgia), who told about similar problems faced by Georgia. After the dramatic overhaul of education such prominent figures as Kakha Bendukidze opened the first private universities, which quickly became the most prestigious in Georgia, since they also used American training programs. Kakha Arveladze offered to become a minority shareholder in the new American university, along with journalist Savik Shuster.

For various reasons, including financial, political and managerial mistakes, the university did not open in 2016.

However, Alexander Gromyko independently contacted the management of the University of Georgia Tech Atlanta and signed a new contract with which the American side provided the most up-to-date techniques and complete training program in the above-mentioned specialties. In addition, some American teachers move to work in Ukraine, and the most famous professors in the world, such as Gigi Wang, Franz Joseph Schork, Raymond P. Vito, Olesya Friedman, George F. Riley, David Frost, Yana Ratman will lecture on Skype.

Modern engineering is far from a Soviet engineer with a salary of 300 rubles. Graduates from Georgia Tech Atlanta, the world’s leading engineering and technological university (training in which costs 50 thousand dollars a year) passed a training program, which is being used by our university under a signed partnership agreement. They quickly find work not only in the US, but also in Europe, Asia and the Middle East with a salary of 60 to 800 thousand dollars per year.

In Kiev and Odessa, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, quality education has become available on the most up-to-date and world-renowned high-paying specialties taught in English, which fully correspond to the Georgia Tech Atlanta program. You will also have an option which is not provided by any university in Ukraine – this is an opportunity after two years of studying with us to go straight to the third year of American University.

Having his own children, Alexander Gromyko faces the difficulty of obtaining high-quality secondary education in Ukraine. Most Ukrainian schools teach on the old Soviet methods, and for graduates of schools it is extremely difficult to enter even a Polish university and, of course, a prestigious British or American university.

Our American School has already received a full training program. All teachers of our school have passed the certification, and fully meet the necessary requirements. The main advantage of our schools in addition to high-quality contemporary Western Education is the ease of entry into Western, British and American universities, since most of them signed agreements under which students who pass exams at the schools in Kyiv (Odessa) are taken without exams.

At the school and the university, both in Kiev and Odessa, the campus is nearby, where non-local children (aged 12 or more) and students are provided with comfortable living conditions – 2 people in a room, supervised by our staff.